How it Works

We are on a mission. We want to create a video which contains ONLY user generated content video – that is 1 Million seconds long. (1 Million seconds = a video which is 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes & 40 seconds long!)

For that we are looking for users to submit 1 Million seconds worth of image frames.

In our video each frames will be displayed for at least 1 second. 

We invite anyone in the world to participate by submitting their frame, and how long they would like their frame to be presented. Presenting your frame within the sequence costs $1 for each second.

You can control how long you would like your frame to be shown within the sequence by increasing the quantity when you order so that (for example) 30 seconds costs only $30.

To add your frame and participate in this sequence follow the following steps:

  1.     Choose: What picture and for how long it will be displayed:
  •       Select how many seconds you want your image to show for (in the quantity field) and click ‘Add To Cart’ (1 second = $1).
  •       Upload the image you would like to us to display.

Images need to be exactly 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

We accept PNG, JPEG or JPG file formats.

  •       Make sure all details are correct and click “Proceed To Checkout”.
  1.     Billing information & Complete Payment:
  •       Enter your email address – where you want us to email you your account login information.
  •       Continue to process the payment.
  1.     All done! After we successfully process your payment your order will be switched to complete status. This will initiate and trigger the following automated steps:
  •       You will receive an order confirmation email & account details
  •       You will receive an invoice summarizing your order details
  •       Your image will be added to the display queue according to the order in which it was received.

Want more than one frame? No problem, just catch another spot by repeating these 3 simple steps with a different picture.

Each image will only be shown once in the sequence, for the duration of time it was paid for.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the sequence.

You are invited to share your art, interesting photos, celebrations, wedding proposal and more  which will be publicly displayed on this page.

Be a part of it. Choose your frame. Take your place.

Click Here to Order Now & add your Image to the upcoming queue.

One Million Frames