One Million Frames is a fun site that enables users to display their art and images to the world for a specific duration of exposure time.

At the beginning of each month One Million Frames will start displaying up to 1 Million 800×600 pixel png/jpg images on our homepage that are shown for a minimum of 1 second.

The images are displayed in the order they were uploaded to the site over the course of 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds.

The image interval varies and changes according to the price the advertiser pre pays for the exposure of their image. The cost to display an 800×600 image is $1 per second.

The minimum duration you can order is 1 seconds. Intervals increment by whole seconds.

You are welcome to order as long of a duration as you would like, so for example if you would like your image to be shown for 5 seconds you will have to pay $5. If you wanted 30 minutes you would have to pay $1,800 (30×60=1,800)

The duration and order of the image are sold on first come first serve basis.

We will not sell more than 1 Million frames per month – so be sure to secure your spot ASAP.

Everyone is welcome to participate and upload their images.