Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Will My Frame Be Seen?

Since we are looping the sequence until we reach 1 million frames (and a long while after that) you frame has the potential of being seen a lot!

The sooner you order – the more your frame will be seen!

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Is there a cap on how much time I can order?

We are currently limiting the orders to 60 seconds / frame. This means the maximum you can purchase for any frame to be shown is 60 seconds at a time which would cost $600 to place within the sequence.

If you would like to display your frame for more time (or show multiple different frames) you would simply need to run multiple orders.

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How long is 1 million seconds?

1,000,000 seconds = 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes & 40 seconds long

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What happens if my image or URL is not approved?

If your image or URL were rejected you will be emailed with a request to upload an alternative image / update the URL. Orders that are not updated within the given time frame of 3 days will be canceled and the payment will be reversed.

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Do you provide Refunds?

We DO NOT provide refunds for approved images and/or completed orders that have been fulfilled.

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Are there images I can not post?

Anything offensive or NSFW will not be approved. This includes Nudity, Shaming, Hate Speech, Religious & Political Propaganda.

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What kind of images do people usually post?

You are welcome to post your personal art, advertisements of your business, product, wedding proposals, celebration art.

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