For years I’ve been fascinated with million dollar ideas and online viral phenomenons.

Working in online marketing for over a decade exposes you to some of the wildest campaigns, landing pages and stories.

While working on a new platform that has to do with time (will expose soon) I came up with a silly idea of selling 1 second units of time for $10. I called up my co founder and told him: “Hey I have a really silly idea, that might be able to make us the first $1M we need for our startup”. His mature response was “anything that might make us a million dollars doesn’t sound like a silly idea”.

It’s with this great joy that I present to you the opportunity (and invitation) to participate in our One Million Frames website.

Here’s how it works:
We’re offering anyone to participate in a 1 million seconds video sequence where each frame (lasting 1 second) is sold for $10. Each participant can choose the duration of exposure for their frame by selecting how much they are willing to spend.

1 million seconds = 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes & 40 seconds.

This means that if you want your frame to show for 30 seconds within this sequence all you have to pay is $300. The minimum to participate is $10 and we currently are limiting the max time frame at 60 seconds / frame.

The frame sequence will loop endlessly which means the sooner you get in – the more times your frame will be shown!

I invite you to participate in this project and leave your mark on our sequence.

Doing so is not only fun, but also will help us kick start our new startup with the first cash infusion.